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Dealing with these conditions as a practitioner can be challenging because often you are the last resort and the clients are already in a pretty bad way, without much hope or faith that the practitioner can actually help them. It also means they don’t stick around and they go from one practitioner to another trying to get help with “managing their symptoms”. Because clients have often spent a long time dealing with so many symptoms and have been exposed to information that focuses on symptom management rather than recovery.

Becoming a member of The Recovery Association for a practitioner will enable you as a practitioner to be the first port of call for those suffering to connect with you much earlier (i.e when first diagnosed ideally) instead of years of ad-hoc trial and error approach, which is what causes people to lose hope and belief in their own recovery.

Associate Memberships

This is for any practitioner who is certificated or accredited in any form of complimentary therapy.

Members should note that currently the association is run by volunteers and will achieve it's aims as funding becomes available.

Only £12.50 a month

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