Elaine Wilkins

ME, CFS AND Fibromyalgia Recovery and Wellbeing

Elaine suffered for 6 years from severe M.E/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this illness meant she had to give up her training business and sell her home.  Now completely well her mission is to ensure that every person experiencing the symptoms of a fatigue related condition has access to information about recovery and access to those who can offer a comprehensive recovery plan.

She says ‘The time has come to face up to the fact that the conventional methods of treating people have to change. Sending a person home without a plan is simply not acceptable.  It is crucial that sufferers learn what is going on inside their body and what to do about it. A multi-faceted condition needs a multifaceted approach tailored to the individual. These conditions become entrenched due to lack of a treatment plan. I developed a recovery programme that enables a person to learn about recovery not symptom management. I believe health practitioners need to partner with their patient or client and support a person with a step by step  recovery plan that empowers them  as they regain their health.’

She has two grown up children and two grandchildren and has been happily married to her husband Rob for 28 years.

Elaine Wilkins Professional Biography